As a parent and proponent of social justice, I am underwhelmed by the reopening strategy facilitated by the Morgan Hill Unified School District. 

The official return to campus and in-person instruction occurred on April 12, as reflected in the Morgan Hill Times. I wholeheartedly support and encourage my child’s return to in-person instruction, but logistically cannot support it. My child has an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), and her mental health has been negatively impacted, which rings true for the majority. 

Essentially, children are attending school in-person two days per week for 2.5-hour increments, where all special education services and supports are to remain virtual for the remainder of the school year. 

How does this support the best interest of children and families, especially those with special needs? I became confused as I questioned the process from a micro level looking at my family’s individual circumstances where transportation and childcare were obvious factors. In-person instruction days would be disruptive as children are expected to attend school virtually for the second portion of the school day, which is not conducive to best learning practices.

I then began analyzing the community level impact of the established hybrid schedule as it pertains to the most vulnerable and marginalized families who are part of our campus and district community. Parents are required to pick up their children or develop alternative plans as no onsite childcare is available. 

How do these structural barriers support individual learning and family circumstances? I know there is not a clear-cut answer. I think as a community, we can do better on behalf of our children.

Joanna Wallace

Morgan Hill

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