Letter to the editor: After Hale, bring back ‘road diet’

The thick bold line in the map above shows where the Santa Teresa Boulevard/Hale Avenue extension will bypass the west side of Morgan Hill, connecting the Main/Hale Avenue intersection with DeWitt Avenue in a continuous route. Construction is expected to begin this summer.

I read about the Hale extension. Not looking forward to it, as I live right off of Hale and am not looking forward to the increase in noise and traffic.  

The only saving grace is that—according to what the city council previously said regarding the Monterey Road diet that reduced the road through downtown to one lane in each direction—without the Hale extension, this road diet would not be feasible. So now with the Hale extension, hopefully they will follow through and implement the diet permanently.  

I would so look forward to being able to eat outside of a restaurant without the fumes and noise of passing traffic.

Thank you.

Lucinda Lawson

Morgan Hill