New and expanded RV parks are not what South County needs or wants near our homes and in open space. In the unincorporated areas of South County, most of the areas are zoned Rural Residential (RR), which means you may build a new home but it needs to be on at least 6-8 acres of land. This eliminates the look of urban sprawl and also protects open space. Almost all of the Rural Residential zoned areas have no municipal sewer or water hook-ups. The property requires a well and septic tank and drain fields.

So why in the world would Santa Clara County consider large RV parks being built in RR zoning? RV parks in areas like San Martin and the Watsonville Road areas are simply NOT suited for RV Parks, for many reasons. 

Thousand Trails at Uvas Road and Watsonville Road now wishes to expand. The property being considered for the expansion is bordered by a private “forever” home, as well as Uvas Creek to the east. The property slopes to Uvas Creek and rain run-off towards the creek will only be more impactful if it is covered with asphalt and RV vehicles. This parcel is home to mountain lions,  birds, frogs and deer, as well as a wild riparian creekside.

We are asking the county planning department and the county board of supervisors to pass a land use amendment that requires that RV parks be built in “Roadside” zoned areas where there are sewer and water hookups, and would not require these huge RV units be driven on our back roads and through neighborhoods! 

The legislation is known collectively as the RV Ordinance. It is scheduled to be heard and voted on by the board of supervisors on May 25, and would become law 30 days later.  

Please ask our supervisors to vote for and pass this amendment before we lose this precious open space and fill our underground with sewage drain-fields!

Swanee Edwards

San Martin

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