Sunny skies ahead

The heat is on in South County with today’s forecast pushing record temperatures with a high of 97 degrees, according to National Weather Service Forecaster Diana Henderson.
“Today should be the worst of it and then go down to the mid 80s,” Henderson said. “Pretty much sunny skies for the rest of the week.”
The NWS forecast has the temperatures falling to 86 degrees by Thursday, according to Henderson.
“It should cool off slightly for the next week,” she said.
The record high temperature for this area today June 30 is 98 degrees in 1999, according to the NWS. This past weekend, Morgan Hill blazed to 94 degree on Sunday and 85 on Saturday.
Sunday’s hot weather caused power outages throughout Morgan Hill, according the Morgan Hill Police Department. The MHPD reported non-functioning traffic lights at the intersections of Monterey Street and Main Avenue, U.S. 101 and Cochrane Road, and East Main Avenue and Butterfield Boulevard starting around 2 p.m. on Sunday. In those instances, MHPD urge drivers to treat the intersections as four-way stops.
“All of the 10 people I pulled over knew they needed to stop when the signal lights were off, however, most people made themselves believe the lights were still on and they cruised right (through) the intersection at 40-plus MPH,” reads the MHPD Facebook post. “Others said the vehicle in front of them or next to them went (through) and they just followed. Others didn’t notice the lights were out at all.”
“Please be aware of what’s going on around you,” the post continues. “It could mean your life and the lives of the folks in that mini van you hit when you drive (through) that intersection.”

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