The Haunted Graveyard of Terror on Lassen Way awaits brave souls

Local resident hosts spooky event for the ninth time on
The Haunted Graveyard of Terror on Lassen Way returns to Morgan Hill for the ninth year. It awaits brave souls – young and old alike, and this year, promises to be even more “terror-flying.”

Once again, Haunted Graveyard creator Bob Johnston will convert the common area of his townhouse complex on Lassen Way into a delightfully frightful display of high-tech spookery. The lawn area is set up like a haunted graveyard with special effects – tombstones move and vibrate, real people are in large-sized coffins, a skull head will pop out of the ground and tell jokes. There are creaking gates, a grabbing hand, bats, skeletons, candles with special lighting, and of course, sound effects too.

“There are lots of scary things, but no gore,” assured Johnston.

The event will be held 6pm – 10pm on Monday, Oct. 31 only. That day will be “a killer-day” for Johnston, who said he plans to set everything up early that morning, hopefully, with a little help from some friends.

Johnston, who is involved in manufacture engineering at Mountain View, has been creating the spooky display each year on Halloween night.

“I don’t know why I do it. It’s in my blood I guess; I can’t stop. I love the excitement of putting on a show and then there’s the charity aspect of it every year,” he said.

The event is free to the public, but Johnston accepts donations. Each year, Johnston donates his proceeds to a charity. Last year, he raised a grand total of $5,000 and split the proceeds between the American Red Cross and the American Parkinson’s Disease support group. This year, he will mostly likely do the same. Johnston’s dad George, has Parkinson’s disease.

Terror on Lassen Way is easy to find. From Monterey Road, travel west on Watsonville Road, turn left on Venetian Way and stay to the right. The entrance to the haunted graveyard will be on the left.

Rose Meily is the City Editor for the Morgan Hill Times. Reach her at 779-4106 ext. 201 or by e-mail at [email protected]

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