Morgan Hill Mayor Steve Tate.

Mayor Steve Tate’s next “Coffee With The Mayor” will take place Saturday, April 22 at BookSmart in their new location near Condit Road and Dunne Avenue, east of the freeway (1295 E. Dunne Ave.). Tate’s guest will be recently elected Councilmember Rene Spring. The two officials will be available 9:30 to 11 a.m. (a half hour earlier than the usual time) to answer any questions residents may have, listen to citizens’ concerns or suggestions, and simply engage in conversation about the city in a casual, relaxed environment. Attendees are also welcome to just listen to the conversation, see what is on people’s minds, etc. as many Coffee With The Mayor regulars do. Tate will buy the coffee. There will also be a special bonus, as Councilmember Caitlin Jachimowicz will make an independent appearance at 11 a.m. BookSmart in conjunction with the local chapter of the AAUW.

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