Police don commemorative badges to honor city
’s 100th birthday
Morgan Hill Police Officers have begun celebrating the city’s centennial which is Nov. 10, 2006. Morgan Hill was chartered as an incorporated city on that date in 1906.

For the next three years, Morgan Hill Police Officers will be wearing a commemorative badge, to honor the city’s 100th birthday. The badge is styled after the actual badge that was worn by Burnett Township Constables, from the turn of the century, through the 1940’s.

Before Morgan Hill incorporation the area was known as Burnett Township. Portions of the current city remained Burnett Township until they were annexed in the 1940’s.

The commemorative badges, produced by The Ed Jones Company of Berkeley, were individually hand engraved and forged of solid sterling silver, using the traditional methods.

The Morgan Hill Police Officer’s Association began planning this project in 2002. Members of the police officer’s union agreed that wearing a commemorative badge was an excellent way for the officers to show pride in their city. The police officers’ union collectively decided on the historically significant design for the badges. So that the city would not incur any needless expense, each officer purchased his or her own badge.

The officers will keep their badges as memorabilia after the centennial years are over.

The City Council has named Jennifer Tate as head of the Centennial Planning Committee. She and her group are working on a budget that will be presented to the council in early February. Committee member Lorraine Welk will be contacting local organizations to see what they would be willing and able to do to celebrate the year-long event.

So far the only firm affair is a kick off party on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2005, welcoming in the centennial year.

Tate and her committee welcome suggestions for centennial events and offers of help or support. Call Jennifer, 779-6992.

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