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Morgan Hill
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May 22, 2022

Survival, perseverance and wellness

When one meets the petite Isis Jade, who recently opened her Isis Wellness Center in Morgan Hill, they see her reddish hair, her bright smile and her bubbly and caring personality.  

As she sits across from you, crossed-legged on a chair, not many would have any idea that this sweet person has a story that unfolds into something she describes as yes, crazy, but true.   

About 15 years ago, Isis Jade was not Isis Jade. She was 22, living in Las Vegas, working as a project manager for the building of the Stratosphere casino. One night, a male co-worker abducted her, held her captive for three and a half months in his home, tied her up, drugged, beat and raped her.

Eventually, she managed to escape, made it to a friend’s house who took care of her two daughters when she was at work and where she believed her children were, and passed out in her friend’s front yard. Her friend found her that way, dehydrated and bruised and rushed her to the hospital.

“I remember passing out, and choking and him reviving me. He did all that when he was raping me. It was really … it was really bad,” she said.  

She doesn’t remember many details; she’s suffered from brain damage and admits she has a problem remembering numbers and dates.

“They found that there were all sorts of drugs in my system,” she said, including household chemicals. “They believe he was poisoning me and it caused a lot of problems internally.”

Her body hyper-reacted because of all the chemicals and drugs, to the point where even taking Ibuprofen caused her pain.

“They (doctors) were giving me things, and I would take them, and I would end up in the hospital sicker than I was,” she said.

Doctors called police so she could file a report on the incident. Police asked her if she was a prostitute, running away from a John.

“What is very common in Vegas, is prostitution and it’s a huge thing. So the possibility is yes, absolutely they thought I was just making it up. It’s very offensive,” she said.

To top it all off, she found out she was pregnant by the man who held her captive. Because her body was shutting down, she could not have the baby.

“It was terrible,” she said. “I want to just leave it all behind. The whole thing was … it was like a nightmare, on top of a nightmare, on top of a nightmare.”

For about eight years, she suffered immense physical pain she says from the complications of the drugs and chemicals in her system.

“I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety, severe depression, dementia, mood swings, bi-polar because of the chemistry in my body,” she said. “They had labels for everything that was wrong with me.”

She said they also told her she had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, digestive problems and chronic pain.

“There were days where you couldn’t even touch me without causing my excruciating pain because all my nerves were on fire,” she said. “All the conventional wisdom surrounding western medicine unfortunately in my situation was failing me.”

It was around that time that she was introduced to a shamanic healer, when she was about 30 years old.

“She told me that everything that my body is dealing with, is my body screaming for me to release the anger, bitterness and fear that I’ve lived with for so many years,” Jade said.

The healer introduced her to other people that “could help me deal with this in a whole different fashion.” All this stuff was foreign to her, she said, yet after some time, the pain was gone.

“So I started working on getting my master herbalist certificate, I took courses on essential oil therapy, European essential oil therapy, I learned energy healing and light healing, meditation, sound therapy, nutrition and finished off with a holistic health practitioner program that brought it all together,” she said.  

When she was a child, Jade shared that she wanted to become a doctor. Life happened, she said, and her path did not follow that way.

“I work with people with mind, body and spirit. Finding everything with perfect alignment so they can really receive and transform themselves, and their lives. Whether they’re health issues, I support them through that, emotional issues, if they want to lose 20 pounds … I provide them a support framework.”

For five years, she said it has been her dream to open up a place of her own. After moving with her husband and three children less than a year ago, she found a spot in Morgan Hill. She said the reception has been very welcoming.

“Every person that I’ve talked to has opened their arms and opened their hearts to me,” she said.

Isis Wellness Center, located at 16360 Monterey Road, offers guide to optimal wellness. From stress-alleviating methods, holistic life coaching, guides to nutrition and essential oil therapy. Jade also offers classes such as a weekly meditation and a healing circle.

Her method of overcoming her anger and hatred that she held bottled up inside?

“I made a choice. You can live in hate and anger, and let it ruin your life, or you can chose love and acceptance,” she said. “Make a choice and commit to it. If you make a good choice, life is easy. If not, you just make a new choice. Isn’t that great? Here, it’s not about the heaviness, it’s about life.”

After all her health issues, doctors told her the chances of her having another child were very slim. Two years ago, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy with no complications.

“I am so blessed. Every breath I take is a gift. Because I nearly died, not just in those three months, but many times,” she said, tearing up. “To be able to share my life with so many people, and to offer services, it’s the greatest gift I have.”

16360 Monterey Road, Suite 110, MH
Phone: 408-550-6457
Email: [email protected]

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