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Morgan Hill
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November 29, 2023

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Mothers, Not Doctors ‘Give Birth’ to Babies

Dear Editor,

As a childbirth educator and doula, the article “Local Mothers Deliver Twice the Blessings” caught my eye.

However, I was dismayed that the picture on the front page, and again on A3 showed the doctor, in front, proudly holding the babies while mom and dad were in back. The caption underneath stated that the doctor (holding the set of twins) “she delivered for Christina Iboa” simply reinforces our cultural belief that doctors “deliver” babies. A mother, somehow, is just a passive participant in this miracle. The truth be told, doctors and midwives “catch” babies. Mothers labor and deliver by giving birth! 

Photographer Chris Riley got it right with the photo of Rosa Lara proudly holding her babies.

In my childbirth classes, I have a poster that says “Fed-Ex and UPS Deliver. Mothers Give Birth!” 

Jeannie Batacan

Vice President, Bay Area Birth Information

Tichinin Should Give Up Lawsuit Against City

Dear Editor,

Your Nov. 28 editorial concerning the lawsuit brought against the city by attorney Bruce Tichinin in his own behalf. You suggest he can minimize this blot on his record by ” … letting this unfortunate incident fade into history.” Dream on. Tichinin’s personal involvement in the sordid incident prevents him from utilizing the sound judgment he displays in dealing with his clients, thus giving even more weight to the old adage, “An attorney who represents himself has an ass for a lawyer and a fool for a client.” What he needs is some sound advice from an old attorney. Bruce, please accept it in that light; Give it up. There’s no fee.

Attorney Ray Morris, Morgan Hill

City Should Hire Economic Development Director

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of your Nov. 21 editorial which called for the City of Morgan Hill to step up its economic development efforts. It is a topic near and dear to me, not only as a Morgan Hill resident, but also as chair of the Economic Development Committee of the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce.

The economic downturn of the past five years has only reinforced my belief that a rational pursuit of economic development is the key that unlocks economic security for our community.

The hiring of a professional economic development director and the advertising and marketing costs associated with such a role, along with a high level of determination will require a significant long-term commitment from the city. I feel it is a necessary investment that will pay high rewards – rewards that will provide solid benefits to the City, its residents and its businesses.

Alex Kennett, Morgan Hill

A Treasure Island Thank You

Dear Editor,

On behalf of South Valley Civic Theatre, the producers of the youth production Treasure Island, would like to thank the Morgan Hill Times for the great job it did in promoting the opening of the show in the newspaper.

We had a terrific opening weekend! Audience members left the theater with big smiles. Comments were extremely positive, “What a great show!”; “The kids look like they’re having so much fun”; “You have some very talented youth in the cast.” (That’s just to name a few)

Thanks again! It’s wonderful to have the support of your publication. With such a great opening, the staff and cast of Treasure Island looked forward to a very successful run.

Sandi Lewandowski, Gilroy

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