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Morgan Hill
April 20, 2024

New 2024 laws protect workers who use cannabis

Californians that partake in cannabis use in their off-work down time will have more employment protections beginning Jan. 1 thanks to new laws.   Assembly Bill 2188 is an amendment to the state’s Fair Employment and Housing Act and prohibits employers from discriminating against a worker...

Morgan Hill likely to vote on city council term limits in November

Voters in Morgan Hill will likely get to vote in November on whether elected city officials should be subject to term limits, after the city council decided at a recent meeting to place a measure on the ballot.  Currently, Morgan Hill and Gilroy are the...

New law gives workers more paid sick days

California workers will be guaranteed five paid sick days a year starting Jan. 1, up from the three days that employers are currently required to provide, thanks to Senate Bill 616.  The bill, authored by Long Beach Democratic Sen. Lena Gonzalez, also extends protections against...

CA lawmakers consider banning youth tackle football

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said Jan. 16 that he would veto any bill with an outright ban on youth tackle football. “My Administration will work with the Legislature and the bill’s author to strengthen safety in youth football—while ensuring parents have the freedom to...

Newsom outlines plan for state budget deficit

California is in a budget hole, its depth measured not in feet, but in dollars. How deep? A projected $38 billion deficit, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom, who said Jan. 10 he will declare a fiscal emergency when necessary and unveiled his initial plan to...