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Morgan Hill
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December 2, 2021

Letters: Insurance companies profit but can’t provide quality, affordable care

Cheerleaders for private health insurance companies are

Tea Parties

across America. They should take a moment to learn about the
insurance companies open enrollment season coming up.
Insurance companies profit but can’t provide quality, affordable care

Dear Editor,

Cheerleaders for private health insurance companies are holding “Tea Parties” across America. They should take a moment to learn about the insurance companies open enrollment season coming up.

Cheerleaders could do a great service for the nation by explaining why these insurers have been unable to bring quality, affordable medical care to every American, while company profits have increased by 428 percent.

Frank Crosby, Morgan Hill

City should not be in competition with for-profit companies

Dear Editor,

We choose to finance, with taxes, the public social programs and entitlements that cannot be meet by corporations, partnerships, small businesses, and public contributions.

We establish public administrations such as Cities and Counties to administer the money for the approved purposes. The objective of government is simple – provide as much service as possible, of the type specified, with the funds available. The objective of private enterprise (corporations) is to create profits for the owners.

We use government entities to do such things as:

n roads

n city planning and code enforcement

n police protection

n education

n public parks

n sewage and drainage systems

Each of these services is for the protection and support of those we deem unable to care for themselves through private means. Each of these is to build a national infrastructure.

We do not empower our public administrators to add programs without public approval or build facilities without clear plans for public program support.

We do not empower our public administrators to create profit-making business enterprises with public assets. Their job is to ensure that all are equally facilitated with the resources provided by taxpayers. We typically do not allow our public servants to facilitate the marketing of harmful goods such as tobacco and alcohol. They are supposed to protect the public from harmful goods.

Our local public servants, it appears, have decided that their job is to generate income by creating commercial activities using assets such as public parks and buildings. Our city employees have formed commercial partnerships to operate the activities on a profit-sharing basis without risking their own or their partner’s personal wealth.

Just a few of these enterprises that use public assets to provide special services for people with money: commercial athletics, child car, athletic leagues (baseball, basketball, tennis at $500 per team), skateboard park (children pay $144 per year), entertainment with alcohol, swimming, and picnic areas in the parks. The list expands daily with each CRC newsletter.

It appears that the money generated by the pay-to-play and please donate partnership activities does not all flow to the city’s general fund. An example: The YMCA/City Pebble Beach Lunch and Golf event ($500 for a lunch for two) is, I understand, to raise money for the Mount Madonna YMCA’s senior nutrition program. The County of Santa Clara, via a contract for service, has provided the Senior Nutrition program at the CRC. Citizens are being required to make “donations” instead of paying user fees to utilize public buildings.

The commercial nature of the Morgan Hill city partnership with the YMCA appears to act against the protection of the citizens.

Our city officials demand that the Morgan Hill citizens sign a “hold harmless” statement removing protections for themselves and their children in favor of the city’s contract partner – the YMCA.

These profit-making endeavors are not an example of our paid city employees representing, serving and protecting you and me – the citizens.

Staten M. Johnston, Morgan Hill

Why tempt a dangerous foe?

Dear Editor,

All presidents have advisors. Sometimes they get bad advice. Sometimes they get good advice. Sometimes they get good advice and choose not to follow it.

Who knows what happened in this case. However the decision to pick a trade war with China over tires is foolish. Whether we like it or not, China is one of our biggest trading partners. China also has loaned us billions of dollars. There are numerous ways that China can hurt us. Why tempt them?

I personally avoid picking fights with men whose biceps are bigger than my thighs. Maybe President Obama should take that into consideration?

Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose

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