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Morgan Hill
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September 27, 2021

Is there no end to negative stories about Sobrato High

I submit the following as a private citizen of Morgan Hill. One
more dig for Sobrato High School
– “Street work near Sobrato threatens Thai restaurant” – in the
Sept. 4 edition.
I submit the following as a private citizen of Morgan Hill. One more dig for Sobrato High School – “Street work near Sobrato threatens Thai restaurant” – in the Sept. 4 edition. The opening paragraph to this article lays the blame for the failure of a restaurant at the feet of the new Ann Sobrato High School. Is there no end to the negative perception that The Times insists on levying against our new high school?

First, to say that the new high school has caused the failure of the Thai restaurant is ridiculous. The reporter offers no justification for the claim. It is nothing more than a hypothesis, yet it is reported as a fact. In contrast, I marvel at how Friendly Fred’s restaurant in Tennant Station has handled the extensive construction that literally surrounded it for the entire summer. The challenge of finding his front door never stopped us or the line of people that seem to be constantly there from enjoying their delicious sandwiches.

Secondly, the “painful cost overruns” cited in the article are a figment of someone’s imagination, and the fact that The Times continues to report this misinformation is irresponsible. The “estimate” in 1998 for construction costs of a high school was $54 million. That was four years before construction of the school actually started and before the school was actually designed. It did not include a lawsuit by the City of San Jose and the resulting need for unexpected offsite improvements/street widening, property purchase for the hardscape portion of the campus, as well as the escalated construction costs attributed to the lengthy delay. Once all of these costs were taken into consideration, $76 million was established for the new school. After two years of construction, the watchful eye of the director of construction/modernization for the school district and extensive value engineering, Sobrato High School will be completed well within this estimated budget. To report “painful cost overruns” is not a true statement, but it is a statement that opponents of a second high school and The Times have perpetuated for at least a year now.

I know that many in our community are aware of the wonderful addition to this community that Sobrato High School provides. It is a reality for us because of the financial support of the community and the efforts, courage and commitment of Board of Education members that go back to 1996. They had a dream to bring ninth graders to the high school, a dream that MUSD Boards had been “talking” about for 17 years at that point.

It has been 25 years now since our ninth grade was moved to the middle school on a temporary basis. We not only have two true high schools, but our seventh and eighth graders have a true middle school environment as well. Those who have worked for and supported our new high school have left a legacy for generations to come. A healthy rivalry for our Live Oak High School. Two outstanding schools for our growing community. Bulldogs and Acorns will both prevail and our students will be the winners.

Julie Zintsmaster, Morgan Hill

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