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Morgan Hill
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September 23, 2021

3 letters: Perchlorate tax goes on too long blues; Economic recovery? Really?; Public transit a bottomless pit for tax dollars

Residents have paid ‘perchlorate tax’ for far too long – what’s the Council going to do?
Dear Editor,
Every time I get to my water bill and see that I still have to donate to the PERCHLORATE debacle, it infuriates me that city officials go about their indolent ways in this regard.
Sure the water gets tested, but the amount of money which has essentially turned into another tax for residents, is lining the coffers of City Hall.
As an elected officials, they have a fiduciary responsibility to perform. I think people have forgotten and quite a few officials that they have an obligation to actually represent their constituents.
The perchlorate surcharge should be rescinded and the persons responsible for the perchlorate held responsible. I think a class action suit by the residents would have got better results after all of these years,  and maybe one to City Hall, we have paid this far too long.
Ashley Duncombe, Morgan Hill

‘Local comedian’ touts ‘economic recovery’ … which planet is that on exactly?
Dear Editor,
Just a few words to our local comedian Marc Perkel regarding his recent letter “We are in an economic recovery …” (let’s not ruin it by making it better … huh?) 
Mr. Perkel … and cows have wings and can fly!
Diane S. Nuno, Gilroy

Tax-dollar-sucking radical socialist solutions to subsidize public transit have to stop
Dear Editor,
Instead of adding to the taxpayer subsidized government sector transit boondoggles, why not have the private sector do for-hire carriage of passengers? Why won’t our elected representatives get this leech off our jugular?
Is it because they owe body and soul to the public sector unions who suck-out taxpayers’ blood while operating the boondoggles?
And then to make motorists and truckers pay twice for their roads with “toll roads.”
In a recent Monterey Herald front page story, Monterey County’s TAMC (another leech blood-sucking taxpayers dry), spreading the radical socialist “solutions” ever greater. We must break the JPAs and terminate them before they terminate us.
Caveat viator.
Joseph P. Thompson, Gilroy

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