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Morgan Hill
February 23, 2024

Mushrooming Crowds Pack Mardi Gras

Mushroom Mardi Gras drew its biggest crowds ever and gave away

Icing on the Cake

As Barrett Elementary School Principal Lisa Atlas gathered with

Tune into ‘Antique Radio’

Up on stage for their first official gig at GVA Cafe in downtown Morgan Hill, four local neighborhood kids—calling themselves Antique Radio—performed as one in front of a crowd of family and friends.

Chili Pepper Spill

Three servicemen sons

Morgan Hill resident Nanci Brand isn’t one to boast or brag without prompting, but the soft-spoken mother of three young servicemen is clearly proud of her sons, who have all coincidentally chosen to serve their country in the armed forces at the same time.

Blackout Hits Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill – A blackout in a portion of Morgan Hill Friday night put a damper on some graduation celebrations and added to what was an already hectic night for police handling Live Oak High School commencement and the usual celebratory antics of the last day of school for students.

Celebrate the ’shroom

The Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras Festival, now in its 33rd year of turning Memorial Day weekend into a celebration of the mushroom, has unveiled its plans for the free festival.

Santa Clara County Parks open for free on July 29

Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation will host a special Free Entrance Day on July 29 “as a token of gratitude to the community for entrusting the department with the stewardship and recreation of over 52,000 acres of beautiful parkland and 28 adventurous and...

Construction Costs Rising at New Library

City likely won't fund public art projects for new building

Coffee with the mayor set for April 22

Mayor Steve Tate’s next “Coffee With The Mayor” will take place Saturday, April 22 at BookSmart in their new location near Condit Road and Dunne Avenue, east of the freeway (1295 E. Dunne Ave.). Tate’s guest will be recently elected Councilmember Rene Spring. The two officials will be available 9:30 to 11 a.m. (a half hour earlier than the usual time) to answer any questions residents may have, listen to citizens’ concerns or suggestions, and simply engage in conversation about the city in a casual, relaxed environment. Attendees are also welcome to just listen to the conversation, see what is on people’s minds, etc. as many Coffee With The Mayor regulars do. Tate will buy the coffee. There will also be a special bonus, as Councilmember Caitlin Jachimowicz will make an independent appearance at 11 a.m. BookSmart in conjunction with the local chapter of the AAUW.