Aerial view of a San Jose neighborhood
There are endless perks to living in San Jose. Photo by Thomas De Wever

San Jose is synonymous with Silicon Valley, often referred to as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” since it’s a base for tech companies such as  Cisco Systems, eBay, IBM, Google, Facebook and many more. There are endless perks to living here if you are in the market to buy a home. There are many pro sports teams to cheer for, the weather has an ideal Mediterranean feel, and it is one of the most coveted real estate markets in California. But moving to a new city can be (is) very stressful and the assortment of unique neighborhoods in San Jose can be overwhelming. That’s where Tomo can help. 

Tomo, a real estate and mortgage company, wanted to elevate a tiny bit of that stress so we created a short-list of the best neighborhoods in the San Jose area. Moving to a new city and picking the right neighborhood is a big and expensive decision. Our list is unique and sorted by the highest growth within each neighborhood, based on median closing prices, over the past three years.

Here is Tomo’s List of the 8 Best Neighborhoods in San Jose (plus Morgan Hill).

Neighborhood (including Zip Code)Median Closing PriceMedian 3 year Closing Price% Change
Santa Teresa Hills (zip 95138)$2,210,500$1,594,75038.6%
Santa Teresa Hills/Evandale (zip 95123)$1,535,000$1,200,00027.9%
Cambrian (zip 95124)$1,906,000$1,525,00025.0%
Blossom Valley (zip 95118)$1,667,500$1,350,00023.5%
Blossom Valley/Evandale/Communication Hill (zip 95136)$1,500,000$1,219,00023.1%
Seven Trees (zip 95111)$1,125,000$915,00023.0%
Almaden Valley (zip 95120)$2,225,000$1,850,00020.3%
Morgan Hill (zip 95037)$1,453,000$1,210,00020.1%


We looked at the median home close price by zip code during May, 2024 and compared that to the median home close price over the prior three years to determine the percent growth. We then ranked the zip codes, within each state, to determine which neighborhood/city had the highest percent change (essentially the highest growth). 

Want to see other best neighborhoods? 

Interested in exploring other parts of the county, look no further than other cities and neighborhoods in Tomo’s series: Chicago, Tampa, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Raleigh, Charlotte, Fairfield or Seattle. Still settled on moving to the San Jose area—see the latest listings

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  1. Seven Trees is probably one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in San Jose. Please fact check before misleading people.

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  2. Seven Trees is a gang and homeless infested dump. Where in the world is this data coming from?

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