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Morgan Hill
June3, 2020

Tag: reservoir

Bill to speed up dam project passes committee

A state assembly bill that would fast-track the seismic retrofitting of Anderson Dam in northeast Morgan Hill unanimously passed committee last week.

Feds order draining of Anderson Reservoir in the fall

Federal engineers have ordered Valley Water to speed up by one year its plans to drain and replace the Anderson Dam in Morgan Hill, citing earthquake dangers.

Anderson closed for boating Saturday due to low water level

Due to the low water level in Anderson and Coyote reservoirs, boating will be suspended at both reservoirs on Oct. 6. To mitigate the reservoirs’ early closure, the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department will increase boating days at Calero, and keep Stevens Creek and Lexington reservoirs open on weekends and holidays in order to provide options for recreational boaters and anglers.  

Cyclists and motorists: Share the road

“Dear Red Phone, it’s very annoying, frustrating and dangerous when bicyclists ride in large groups around town! Just this past weekend, there were groups riding on the backroads of rural west Morgan Hill who refused to ride single file in the bike lanes. They had  no consideration for the vehicles around them and surely did not comply with the traffic laws they are required to obey. I find this rude, arrogant and unacceptable. When they act this way they not only put themselves in danger but drivers and pedestrians around them. It’s time to educate them! Thanks Red Phone.”