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June3, 2020

Tag: business

Local advocate appointed CEO of national nonprofit

Nicole Hemmenway of Morgan Hill was appointed CEO of the U.S. Pain Foundation by its Board of Directors.

Chamber petition asks county to reopen economy

The Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, “frustrated and disheartened” with prolonged stay-at-home orders and their impact on local businesses, has begun circulating a petition asking county officials to begin reopening the economy.

Letter: High-quality schools attract business

Our high-quality local public schools provide yet another reason for businesses and innovators to locate in Morgan Hill.

Local business thrived in 2018

BookSmart is the little bookstore that could. After owners Brad Jones and Cinda Meister announced the probable closure of the Morgan Hill...

What to bring to meeting with financial advisor

The financial planning process is not merely a matter of numbers. When you meet with a financial advisor to map out a strategy for wealth accumulation or wealth preservation, you may find yourself intellectually and emotionally engaged on a level you hadn't anticipated. It may actually give you a better understanding of what you want from life.

Red Phone: New directional signs are nice

“Dear Red Phone, Hello, I've noticed those new directional signs around Gilroy. I think they are really helpful for visitors. I was just wondering how many more signs they are going to put up.”

Green business symposium scheduled for Nov. 8

Local businesses can learn how to save some green in their pocketbooks while going green with energy-efficient practices, products and rebates at the city of Morgan Hill's “Green Business Symposium” Nov. 8.

Morgan Hill Goodwill reopening in two weeks

Goodwill shoppers have likely noticed that the Morgan Hill store at 17630 Monterey Road has been closed with construction crews and equipment surrounding the building the last few days.

Red Phone: Walmart a popular destination for theft

“Dear Red Phone, Why do people steal so much from Walmart? Seems like there's reports in the paper every week about people stealing all kinds of items, big and small, from Walmart. I hardly ever hear about thieves hitting up Target or Costco. Are their loss prevention people sleeping on the job? I guess if you want to steal, Walmart is the place to go.”

Red Phone: Can someone water the lawn?

“Dear Red Phone, What’s up with the lawn between the library and City Hall? It's dying. Didn't they put any sprinklers in after the expense of putting new sod in? Thanks.”